about me

In 1970 I perceived the light of this planet for the first time and since that moment I have been an outspoken fan of Terra. I grew up in a small town in Calenberg, south of Hanover, the city of my birth.

After a period of studying various technical subjects, I completed an apprenticeship as a dental technician.

Since the turn of the millennium, I have been employed in the technical department of a large German IT company.

Married, I live with my family in an idyllic place in the southern Heidekreis.

Books – especially science fiction – have accompanied me since my early school days. At that time, my mother would sometimes bring several bags full of surplus books from a collector every month, laying the foundation for a head full of fluff and crazy stories.

I am the author of the free science fiction pen & paper role-playing game RiftRoamers. The work, which is only available via the game’s homepage, is still unfinished, but it forms the background – the stage – for all my science fiction stories. It offers a pocket universe full of ideas that still has countless stories to tell. You may stumble upon my pseudnym Mads Arkholm in this regard.